Duration 3 hrs
Location La Crucecita
Age Family
Sightseeing & Shopping Tour
The right way to start your vacation enjoying the amazing views from la Bocana, the mouth of the river mixing with the sea salt-water, visible from the distance. As we stop off in the square, why not take the opportunity to visit La Crucecita’s church, where it boasts the largest painting of the Virgin de Guadalupe on it’s ceiling. Walk through the plaza; browse the local markets and handicraft stalls. Don’t forget to sample the local products and take home your holiday souvenirs.
Departure 3:00 PM
Return 7:00 PM
Transportation, tour guide and water
Not Included
Please consider a confortable shoes, hat, your camera, extra money for souvenirs and tips.
You can walk in this area (down town). This tour will give you the opportunity to organize your week for the next few days!
$30 USD
Per person
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A tour to survive in downtown. It's not far from the beaches, and if you stay in a hotel in downtown you can get a mental map for the next days. The guide very good, we had time for shopping and enjoy the afternoon.
I liked this tour, you could know the downtown, we saw different places where we later returned to buy more things. La Crucecita is small and you can walk all around very well in the tour.
The best days. For me, the tasting of the mezcal and the chocolate was the best. We bought some boxes! The stores have things of all prices, you can buy food, traditional drinks and souvenirs for your family.
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